When clean, energy-efficient LED lighting technologies realize their full potential: Worldwide electricity consumption due to lighting will decrease by more than 50 percent; Total consumption of electricity will decrease by more than 10 percent; Carbon emissions and new capital infrastructure associated with electric power generation will decrease proportionately; and Hazardous waste that exists in today’s conventional light sources, such as fluorescent and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, will be eliminated.

EcoTronics’ mission is to blend renewable resource sustainability with conservation believing that the two go hand in hand. EcoTronics assists our residential and commercial clients to solve energy problems with a wide range of products enabling them to save money while going green. The company offers systems such as lighting control, energy management, energy monitoring and solar thermal as well as LED lighting solutions all designed to reduce energy consumption and lead to a greener world while, at the same time, realizing substantial savings.